Who are we?

Howdy. Thank for taking the time to check us out. Well I suppose you are on this page to read a little bit about who we are. I don't know about you, but every time, I read a photographer's about me page, I always read the same thing.. again and again.. and again...

It is always about how they were given a camera when they were little and it started a passion that they carry to this day... Well that is true with just about every photographer, including us (well except we didn't have cameras when we were little, so our journey started later). We all have the same passion for photography. We all love what we do.. and so on..

But what are they all missing? You dont get a feel for who they are. We want you to get to know us and consider us friends that you might want to hang out with in the future (we wont hold you to it, but you get the point). We are very laid back (can't ya tell) and want you to enjoy your day and have fun. We want to be more than just another vendor you are hiring for your amazing wedding. So without further ado, here we are.

Curtiss (Cj) - lead photographer, editor, website designer

- Born in Connecticut, but moved to Florida in 1st grade
- Perhaps the most laid back easy going person you will ever meet
- He is an Eagle Scout (dont laugh.. its a lot of hard work and who doesnt love camping on hot summer nights in Florida and eating freeze dried food)
- Former collegiate athlete (Cross Country and track)
- Graduated with a degree in marketing from Florida Southern College
- Can probably beat you in Call of Duty and Madden on Xbox
- Loves sports (particularly Football) and a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Florida State and the Lakers. His cousin is Kobe Bryant  (4 times removed and 3 marriages later... well maybe not, but you never know)
- Thought of some of the craziest ideas... maybe one day one will actually work

Valerie - wife/mother extraordinaire, maker of hand made props

- A true Floridian, Born in Lakeland
- Worked on yearbook in high school and dabbled in photography then
- The inspiration and reason that the business was started
- Hates watching sports but loves to play
- Hates video games more
- Deals with Cj and his crazy ideas on a daily basis (that is a full time job)
- Loves to make props and little outfits
- Amazing wife and even better mother to 2 children

So thats it.. That is us in a nutshell. Just 2 people (well 4 if you count the kids) who have a passion for photography.. (there I said it)... So contact us if you have any questions and we will be glad to schedule a meeting with you.