Destinations Pre-Paid


Our destination sessions are an amazing way to not only see other parts of the world, but also get some amazing portraits in some amazing locations. We travel several times a year to provide our clients with a portrait experience of a lifetime, but many of these sessions have a significant cost associated with them. To help defray those costs, we have created a savings program that you can pay into and use during your senior year on any destination trip that we offer. Lock it in early to make smaller payments.

Best of all, a portrait credit is included in the pre-paid offerings. This credit is applied to your portrait order when you come to view the portraits from your destination session. Lock in the program as early as your freshman year and you dont have to worry about a large expense your senior year for one of our destination sessions. This allows more flexibility with your budget.

As and added bonus, you are automatically enrolled in our Teen Model Program. This allows you to participate in fun shoots each year you are in high school, without having to wait until you are a senior. This will help you have a fun high school experience!

Contact us if you would like additional information on joining our Destinations Pre-Paid program. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we sign up?
If you are interested in a destination session, prior to this offering, the entire amount was due at the time of booking the reservations. It can be difficult for many families to come up with the amount of money needed at one time. This will allow you to make smaller payments towards the trip your senior year. 

How does this compare with Senior Trips the schools offer?
Our destination sessions arent affiliated with schools, as such, we have more flexibility. The school trips stick to a strict schedule and many times have additional expenses that arent necessary. These expenses make the trip much more expensive than a similar trip that we can do. For example, one school recently quoted about $4500 for a 12 day trip to Europe. We priced out the same trip and it came to under $2000. Going with the school, you would have to stick to their schedule. IF you go with us, you are free to tour as you want or hang out with the group. But more importantly, there is plenty of time to take some AMAZING portraits while on the trip. It is truly an experience of a lifetime. 

What is the total cost of the trips?
The short answer is that we do not know. Each trip is different and has different costs associated with them. We have done one day trips for as little as $150 a person. We have also done more expensive trips like Italy that ran about $1500 a person for a week. This program is designed to provide you an opportunity to join us on one of the bigger/longer trips. The plan is to do places like France, Iceland, Italy, Germany, Dubai, etc. These trips will naturally be more expensive, so the program will help make it easier to pay for.

Do I get to pick my trip?
Absolutely. We offer several trips a year. You can choose which one you would like to attend. 

Ok, we are interested, how does it work?
It is simple. The program is set up like Pre-Paid college plans. The earlier you lock it in, the cheaper it is each year. You can lock it in as early as your freshman year in high school. That will provide you the lowest yearly payments. When its time to choose your trip, you simply let us know which one you want to go on and we will use your credit to pay for it. 

Is it refundable?
Yes, 100%. We understand that someone may want to cancel because they move to a new location or they just decide to no longer be part of the program. All your payments are 100% refundable BEFORE your senior year. Once your senior year arrives, you are locked into our model program and your payments are then used towards the destination of your choosing.