Samantha and Brian | Wedding Pictures in Hawaii | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

We recently traveled to the Big Island in Hawaii to photograph Samantha and Brian's wedding around the Kona area. How can you say "no" to a wedding in Hawaii, especially one that involves a helicopter? This was a wedding photographer's dream come true.

We travel A LOT for our business. We have photographed destination sessions in Paris, Iceland, Stockholm, Aruba, Barbados, Italy, etc, but there is something about photographing a wedding in Hawaii that rises above the rest.

We have known Samantha since middle school. So we were excited when she asked use to be her photographers. As wedding photographers, we have the opportunity to photograph amazing clients each and every year, but we rarely get the opportunity to photograph a wedding for someone that we know very well on a personal level. It makes the entire process much easier. Wedding photography is so much easier when you know the clients personally, which is why we strive to build a relationship with each of our clients. 

Photographing a wedding in Hawaii is pretty easy to be honest. There are so many different spots to photograph that its a wedding photographer's dream. It is not very difficult to get an amazing portrait.. Add a helicopter (Blue Hawaiian) to the mix and you know the photographs will be AMAZING!! This is the kind of wedding that makes other photographers jealous :)

The day following their wedding at a private waterfall, we took a trip to Volcanoes National Park on the south side of the Island of Hawaii to photograph Samantha and Brian some more. We wanted to take advantage of the erupting volcano (Kīlauea), so we headed out to the lava fields to create some amazing portraits for Samantha and Brian. 

Check out our Hawaii wedding photography below :D

Jamie and Dayne | Plantation Inn | Crystal River Photographer

Jamie and Dayne got married a few weeks ago at the Plantation Inn in Crystal River. We were blessed that they chose us to photograph their wedding. We had a blast! We had some nice weather and were able to capture some amazing images at sunset. Enjoy the images!!

Not all awards are created equal

Do you know an award winning photographer? Chances are you do. A LOT of photographers win awards and are quick to show them off on their websites and facebook pages. Winning an award is an amazing marketing opportunity for photographers. It shows that they know what they are doing. Afterall, if you are looking for a photographer and find one that is award winning, that stands out to you. You may think they are better than another photographer simply because they won an award.

But not so fast. What kind of award did they win? Who gave them the award? What are the merits of the judges? Is it really a legitimate photography award or one that they simply paid for?

An important aspect to consider when you see a photographer is "award winning" is where they award they won came from. Did it come from an industry recognized competition that is created based on certain standards of the photographic community? Was the award given by judges that are respected members of the photographic community that are trained in certain aspects of judging? Or was the award given by some website the photographer signed up for?

There are a million places that photographers can submit images, many of those places give out awards. These "awards" are generally based on the number of views an image gets or simply because someone on the "board" liked the image. Sites like viewbug and pixoto are sites that photographers can submit images to and get "judged". Many of these sites are free to signup and submit images to. The judging comes from other users. The majority of the images posted to the site win some type of award. Does that mean its a great image? No..

You also have photographers that win awards at the local fair. There may or may not be a fee to enter at the local fair, but chances are the judges that are viewing the images dont know what to look for. Not to mention that its a very small sample size of the community that enters images into the fair. Our local fair had one photographer enter for portraits and they subsequently won an award for the category. 

Then you have the sites that you have to pay to submit images to. Sites like WedAwards and Weddison are examples. Its about $40 to enter images into the competition. Supposedly, only a small percentage of the images are selected each month as award winners. Keep in mind that these sites operate to make money. If photographers paid $40 each month and never won anything, would they continue to pay $40 to enter subsequent contests? Now if a photographer pays, enters the contests and is selected as a "winner", guess what? They will enter again next month and more than likely, win another award. 

Lets take a look at two images as an example. Both of these won awards at Wedisson. I entered two contests, paid $40 for each contest, and magically won an award in both contests. Amazing right?

Now, both of those images are pretty good. The clients LOVED them, however, that doesnt mean they are worthy of an award. In fact, I entered the sunset image into a legitimate and respected photography competition and it scored a 76. A score between 70 and 79 is considered an average image. Scores of 80+ are worthy of a merit.

So how can an image that was judged by well known and respected photographers using the industry standard scoring, win an award in a contest when it was scored as "average" in the legitimate, respected competition? Easy, its not a legitimate award. It was given to me to keep me spending $40 per month. To test that theory, I entered the image on the right into a competition a few months later, and SURPRISE.. I won again.

Want to see what a legitimate award looks like? 

This image won first place in the fashion category at the photography conference I attended. It was judged by some of the top photographers in the country using the industry standard scoring method. 

So when you are browsing through websites or facebook pages and you see that they are an "award winning photographer", talk to them about the images and ask them what competition it was entered into. Some of the biggest legitimate photography competitions are WPPI, PPA, Shutterfest, World Photographic Cup and Society of Photographers (England).

Winning "awards" at the other sites are like being named the person with the best personality in your high school yearbook? Its a deceptive marketing tactic used to make you feel that they are making the right decision in hiring that photographer.

Amber and Alex | Club Continental | Jacksonville, Florida

In November, we had the privilege of photographing Amber and Alex's wedding at The Club Continental in Jacksonville, Florida. This was the first time we have been to Club Continental and hopefully will not be the last. The venue is AMAZING. I dont think it is possible to take a bad photograph at this location. 

The wedding ceremony took place on the back patio of The Club Continental and we could not have asked for better weather. As wedding photographer, we have to deal with whatever weather we have that day. Fortunately, it wasnt an issue for us on this day.

The Club Continental allowed us to get some amazing images of Amber and Alex. From the hallways, to the stairwell, to the outside garden areas, the entire venue was a photographer's dream. 

Take a moment to enjoy the images from Amber and Alex's day!! 

Jacqueline and Brian | Safety Harbor Resort and Spa | Tampa Wedding Photographer

Jacqueline and Brian got married a couple of months ago at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa in Safety Harbor, Florida, just north of Tampa. This was the first wedding we have photographed at the venue and it was amazing. Unfortunately, rain was in the forecast, so we had a bit of weather to deal with, but as wedding photographers, we still have to create amazing images for our clients. 

Jacqueline and Brian decided that they wanted to do a first look. We usually recommend that our clients do one as it allows us to get most of the pictures done before the wedding, so the only thing left to do after the wedding is a few creative portraits. It helps get the pictures done faster and gives you more time to party!! :)

The wedding was a blast. It helps that Jacqueline is a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Bucs and that most of her bridal party also consisted of cheerleaders. So it was a giant dance party at the reception and they graced us with a few of their choreographed dances. In addition to the dancing, Jacqueline and Brian also hired a saxophonist to play during the reception. Man, what a treat. That guy was amazing and was able to play along with the main stream songs that the DJ played. It was certainly an awesome experience.

Congratulations Jacqueline and Brian. Thank you for choosing us to be your photographers!! 

Sammy and Dan | Micanopy Florida | Gainesville Wedding Photography

Sammy and Dan got married at Camp McConnell in Micanopy, Florida. This was an amazing outdoor location for their wedding. The amazing Ashley Bennett ( was the event coordinator, which allowed the wedding to run smoothly, and not to mention the beautiful setup that she created for the wedding and reception. It certainly makes my job easier :)

Being an outdoor Florida wedding, it was a bit on the warm side.. (ok it was hot), but it didnt rain.. See we always look to the positives :) As I mentioned, Camp McConnell provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding. They wanted something on the simple side and this location fit their desires. 

After the wedding and reception, they had a bonfire over at the fire ring. Who doesnt love a bonfire? And what is a good bonfire without smores!!

Congratulations Sammy and Dan. It was a pleasure photographing your wedding!!

If you are looking for a Gainesville wedding photographer, contact us for more information on how we can capture amazing images for your wedding!! 

Denver Engagement Session | Michelle and Todd

A couple of months ago, I met Michelle and Todd in Denver and did an engagement session for them. Being a photographer from Florida, I get tired of the beach and other scenery that Florida offers. I have always wanted to do a session in the mountains and snow, so off to the mountains I went.

I may be the most unlucky photographer when it comes to travel sessions. Leading up to this session, the weather was in the 70s and 80s for weeks. The day that I arrive it drops to 30 and snows 5 inches. While the snow was welcomed, the cold that accompanied it, not so much. Its pretty difficult to smile and look happy when its pretty cold outside. I was perfectly warm under my jacket, but I cant say the same for Michelle and Todd when they took theirs off for the pictures. I applaud them for being troopers and pushing through when they probably didnt really want to be taking pictures... But we got some awesome images!! :)

Something that is unique about our photography services is that we have the ability to travel for sessions with our clients. This allows us to provide unique images to our clients that arent really possible when we stick to local locations. If you are planning a trip somewhere, let us know before you go and we can possibly join you for a session :)

Nicole and Kyle | Wedding at Bella Collina | Clermont Wedding Photographers

Nicole and Kyle got married a few months ago at Bella Collina in Clermont, Florida. When they first came to the studio to talk about their wedding plan, we had never heard of Bella Collina. Little did we know what where we were going to find ourselves a few months later.

For those that do not know, Bella Collina was designed to model buildings found in Italy. The architecture was AMAZING. This is truly a wedding photographers dream. Nicole and Kyle utilized the fountain area for their wedding. The reception was to be held outside in the in the grand lawn area of the property. However, in true Central Florida fashion, you can never know what the weather will be like. This particular day was one of the coldest of the year, however, Nicole and Kyle (as well as many of the guests) braved the cold weather so that they could have the wedding of their dreams. As we all know, the weather is rarely defeated, so a couple of hours into the reception, the decision was made to move it inside. 

Congratulations to Nicole and Kyle on their wedding. It was AMAZING!! 

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2016 Senior Portraits - Citrus County Photographer

Its about that time of year when current High School Juniors begin their search for their senior portrait photographer. Lets be honest, there are hundreds of photographers out there to choose from. As a Citrus County Photographer that specializes in High School Senior Portraits, I know that you have plenty of choices. So why choose Curtiss Bryant Photography?

We offer an experience not found with other Citrus County photographers. We are an award winning and internationally published studio. We are not talking about the first place ribbon at the local fair. We have been recognized by some of the top photographers and magazines in the world for our photographic talents.

We are the only full service photography company in Citrus County, and also the only photographer with a full 2600 square foot studio, located in the heart of Downtown Inverness that you can come to.

Our studio is equipped with several shooting areas, including our real brick walls, a full size changing suite, hair and makeup station as well as a cozy and comfortable sitting area for when its time to finally view your pictures. This eliminates the awkwardness and distractions of meeting in someone's home or coffee shop.

The experience that we provide is second to none. If you simply want to take pictures in the park, then we are not the photographers for you. If you want to feel like a model for a day, then you have come to the right place. We specialize in providing a complete experience for our senior portrait clients, complete with hair, makeup and a full scale photoshoot. We help you with the poses and picking out outfits to fit the area you have chosen for the shoot. All you need to do is show up ready to have a BLAST!!

Lastly, the products that we have available to our clients are second to none. We offer a wide variety of the prints, albums and specialty items not found with other studios. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide you something unique.

When it comes to the once in a lifetime experience that is your senior year, dont settle for just anyone. Go to a photographer that can provide that once in a lifetime experience you deserve.!!

Check out some of our work below or our full gallery HERE


Rachel and Dan | Sororis Building | Lakeland Wedding Photographer

WOW... What a wedding Rachel and Dan had a few weeks ago. We were honored to be chosen as their wedding photographers for their beautiful wedding in Lakeland, Florida. The wedding was held at the First Presbyterian Church on Lake Hollingsworth. Lakeland is special to me (Curtiss) as I attended and graduated from Florida Southern College. So everytime we get a chance to photograph a wedding in Lakeland, its a bonus to get to visit areas I used to visit all the time.

As creative wedding photographers, we strive to create something fun and different for our clients. Each wedding that we photograph is a new journey. Sure, we have photographed over 200 weddings, but we approach them each as if its new to us. We want to cover the day and provide our clients with something unique and something that they will cherish. To us, its not just another wedding... Its a brand new unique event that we are honored to photograph for our clients.

This wedding was no exception. Rachel and Dan were awesome and made our job as wedding photographers that much easier. Lakeland (as the name suggests) has a ton of lakes. This provides and awesome opportunity to get some amazing sunsets. This day was no exception. We got some amazing images and got to enjoy the wedding of an amazing couple. Congrats guys! Thank you for allowing us to join you on your wedding day :)

Net and Ken | Innisbrook Wedding | Tampa Wedding PHotographer

We had the privilege to photograph Net and Ken's wedding at the Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club a couple of months ago. This wedding was simply amazing. They are avid golfers, so it was only fitting to incorporate a golf course into their wedding. Innisbrook provides an amazing location for photographers to create wedding images that their clients will LOVE. This set of images is no exception. As Tampa area wedding photographers, we get to shoot in all kinds of awesome locations, but Innisbrook should rank among the top in our opinion. 

That said, Net made a beautiful bride. We photographed their engagement session in St Augustine and I knew then that the wedding images would be AMAZING. You can see the love that they have for each other, so it makes our job that much easier. Congratulations you guys. Thanks for having us :)

Here is what we were able to capture as their wedding photographers at Innisbrook. 

Makayla and Anthony Engagement Session | Brooksville Wedding Photographer

We met Makayla and Anthony at a friend's farm in Brooksville, Florida for their engagement session. It was a beautiful day and an amazing location. Our style of wedding photography and approach to engagement portraits fit this location perfectly. As wedding photographers in Brooksville, we photography many weddings and engagement session on farms and similar locations. This place was unique and created an amazing backdrop for this engagement session.

Enjoy the pictures!! :)

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